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About Lucretia's Pieces

Tracey Dugdale

Beautiful Puzzles, With Attention to Detail

Don't be lulled by their beauty — these puzzles are marvelous, cunning, ingenious fun!

If you're used to ordinary, mass-produced jigsaw puzzles, you're definitely in for a treat. Lucretia's Pieces can be designed easier or harder, according to your wishes, but they're never dull.

If the true test of a great puzzle is how absorbing and satisfying it is to put together, don't be surprised to find yourself still bent over one of Lucretia's puzzles at 2 a.m., unable to tear yourself away!

The reason? Lucretia is a conniving looney who loves to trifle with your good nature. She's a master of tricks that make die-hard puzzlers squirm and fume — with affection.

The puzzles may have borders that aren't the traditional rectangular kind. They can have open spaces or confounding "look alike" pieces, they can have sneaky color changes...But we don't want to tell you all the dozens of devious tricks that are possible. That would spoil some of the fun! Let's say we're confident you'll find these puzzles clever, challenging, exasperating — in short, thoroughly delightful!

Did we mention that no picture of the finished puzzle is included? (When you point out that omission to Lucretia, she just giggles.)

In the above photographs, Tracey Dugdale cuts a puzzle with a jigsaw in her West Windsor, Vt., shop.


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